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Anap Sustainable Development Unit

Anap Sustainable Development Unit

Sustainable Development Unit(SDU) is defined as the biophysical and socio-economic setting for collaborative resource management to achieve multiple benefits on a sustainable basis for present and future generations of stakeholders.

Anap SDU is the successor to the ITTO MFMA Project. It covers an area of 106,820 hectares in the Anap catchment in Tatau District, Bintulu Division.

  • The Objectives of ASDU are to:-
  • Provide a framework for stakeholders to undertake action planning and implementation.
  • Demonstrate sustainable forest management initiatives for perpetual socioeconomic output and effective conservation of biodiversity.
  • Harness resources for holistic planning and implementation of projects for community development in synchronization with regional and national development.

Management of ASDU is guided by A Technical Working Group consisting of senior officers from different agencies and NGOs.

Sarawak Forest Department, Sarawak Forestry Corporation and Zedtee Sdn. Bhd. signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) on 26th January 2011 to implement the Innovative Rainforest Conservation and Management (IRCM) Plan and experimentation with various thematic programmes for conservation and community development.

Anap Sustainable Development Unit
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