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Community Forest Management

Local community within and surrounding the FMU consists of 20 settlements, 334 households and 2,242 persons.

Although most of the Iban community originated from Skrang and only settled within the FMU only in the 1970s, the FMU tacitly recognizes them as a stakeholder for Community Forest Management and implores them to be responsible for their actions.

  • Goals for Community Forest Management
    • Stakeholder cooperation and collaboration for community:
    • capacity building for local forest governance,
    • restoration of forest landscape, and
    • sustainable livelihoods.
  • Community Forest Manager
    • An Executive Committee elected from the community CCD committee representing all interested settlements in and around the FMU is recognized by the government agencies as Community Forest Manager under a Liaison Committee framework.

      The current Community Forest Manager are:-

    • Chairman – Tr. Gasah Ak Sumbang
    • Vice Chairman – Tr. Mapang Ak Sadan
    • Secretary – Tr. Mawang Ak Mat
    • Asst. Secretary - Tr. Francis Ak Muno
    • Treasurer – Tr. Sekudan Ak Abor
    • Asst. Treasurer – En. Enggong Ak Segei
    • Member – Tr. Gerunsin Ak Along
  • Empowerment of Community Forest Manager
    • Recognition by the government agencies through:
    • Membership in ASDU Liaison Committee
    • Contribution from stakeholders
    • Administrator of AMC Fund and enterprise projects
    • AMC Belian Licence
  • Significant Community Forest Manager activities and projects
    • Transportation service
    • AMC Fund
    • Land and User documentation
    • IRCM Lab
    • Pilot rubber planting for Integrated Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) and Community Forest Management Enterprise (CFME) Project at Ulu Anap 2012
    • Forest Landscape Restoration Project at Anap Protected Forest 2013
    • Community Forest Plantation Project
    • AMC Wood Processing Mill at Muput and Belawit sites
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