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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report

  • 1. Prescribed Activity
  • EIA Study made in accordance with item 2(i) of the First Schedule of Article 3 of the Natural Resources and Environment (Prescribed Activities) (Amendment) Order, 1997 under Section 11A(1) of the Natural Resources and Environment.

    "Extraction or felling of timber from any area exceeding 500 hectares which have previously been logged or in respect of which coupes have previously been declared to have been closed by the Director of Forests under the provision of the Forest Ordinance (Cap.126 (1958 Ed.))"

  • 2. Main Issues for EIA Study
  • The main environmental issues highlighted by the NREB during the scoping exercise were soil erosion and sedimentation control, land claims, buffer zones, logging roads and camps. The potential environment impacts of the re-entry hill logging during its various stages of operations were to be considered in the EIA Report.

  • 3. EIA Report
  • "Environmental Impact Assessment for the Re-Entry Hill Logging within the Anap Muput FMU under TImber Licence T/4317 & LPF/0039, Bintulu and Sibu Divisions, Sarawak" dated July 2008 submitted by Ecosol Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. was approved by Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) Sarawak [(2D) NREB/6-3/2G/18 dated 26th November 2008].

  • 4. Mitigation Measures and Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • The mitigation or abatement measures that should be undertaken for the protection and the enhancement of the environment are detailed in the EIA Report.

    The main focus of the EMP is on water quality and damage due to the logging operations.

    A water quality monitoring programme is carried out to regularly assess pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, total suspended solids, ammoniacal-N, BOD, COD, oil and grease, total and faecal coliform count.

    16 water-monitoring points are proposed to monitor the water qualities from Coupe 08 onwards.

    EMP – Re-entry Logging under Timber Licence T/4317 and LPF/0039 within the Anap-Muput FMU was approved by Natural Resources and Environment Board (NREB) Sarawak [(6) NREB/6-3/2G/18(Vol.1) dated 19th November 2013].

  • 5. EIA Report for View
    • Ecosol Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.
      58, 1st Floor, Kueh Hock Kui Commercial Centre
      Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce
      93150 Kuching
    • Zedtee Sdn. Bhd.
      Lot 2367-2371, 2nd Floor
      Boulevard Commercial Centre
      Miri-Pujut Road
      98000 Miri Sarawak
    • Natural Resources and Environment Board
      18th and 19th Floor, Menara Pelita
      Petra Jaya
      93050 Kuching Sarawak
    • Ayam Camp
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