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Geographical Information & Biodiversity Database (GIBD)

  • 1. ASDU Database
  • ASDU is blessed with the availability of extensive documentation and records of the forest, ethno-history, migration and community land use as well as research and resource management.

    Important milestone records include:

    • 1951 L&S aerial photographs indicating cleared areas and settlement sites.
    • 1956 and 1958 gazette notifications of Mukah Hills PF and Anap PF respectively which collectively account for 98,000 ha of ASDU area.
    • 1970 FAO FIDP Unit 4 Inventory and resultant forest type map.
    • 1970-1974 Rajang Security Command (RASCOM) record for the relocation of Rh. Entrie at Nanga Takan.
    • 1977 Timber licence document under T/0139
    • 1993-2006 ITTO Model Forest Management Area project consultancy reports and papers
    • 2005-2010 Biodiversity, wildlife and social surveys and researches, forest inventory, harvest and management records collated for the assessment of forest management of Anap-Muput Forest Management Unit (AMFMU).
  • 2. Geographical Information System and Biodiversity Database (GIBD)
    • Digitised basemap rectified for integration with relevant agencies, institutions and organisations.
      • Land and User documentation.
      • Forest Landscape Restoration.
    • Equipment for data collection.
      • Garmin GPSMap 76 CSx
      • Garmin GPSMap 62s
      • Garmin GPS Rino 530 HCx
    • Equipment for data entry and processing based at Sekawie Camp.
      • 2 units of Workstation Computer
      • Large Format Printer/Plotter (44 inch/A0 size)
      • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply system)
      • ARCVIEW Software
    • Centralized database maintained at Sarawak Forest Department.
  • 3. Applications
    • Integration of historical data with harvest operations, conservation and research activities.
    • Record the status and change in land use particularly by shifting agriculture
    • Provide enabling conditions to effect Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR), Community Enterprise Development (CED) and forest securitisation
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