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Innovative Rainforest Conservation & Management (IRCM) Plan

Innovative Rainforest Conservation and Management (IRCM) is a strategy to promote local community participation in forest management. It involves the exploration of options for productive land use and alternative livelihood for sustainable enterprise development in addition to the enhancement of biodiversity conservation through preservation. Specific innovative elements introduced under this plan include:-

  • Consultative framework for engagement with stakeholders at various levels of authority and jurisdiction
  • Community Forest Manager
  • Empowerment and branding for Community Forest Management Enterprise

Thematic Programmes
Experimentation to improve forest conservation and community development are categorized under the themes of:

  • Forest Management Certification
  • Forest Landscape Restoration
  • Community Forest Management Enterprise

Official Launch of Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) Program

The Director of Forests, Managing Director/CEO of SARAWAK FORESTRY officiated the launch of the Forest Landscape Restoration Program at Sarawak Rainforest & SFM Discovery Centre at Bukit Kana on 16th May 2013.

FLR is a major program under the Innovative Rainforest Conservation & Management (IRCM) Plan for implementation in Anap Sustainable Development Unit (ASDU).

The official launching includes the handing over of Farming Permits to users of cleared areas in Anap Protected Forest for planting latex-timber rubber trees to create sustainable livelihoods and enterprises. The Farming Permits were issued based on the "Land and User Documentation" process developed with the ASDU communities. Initial planting resource includes 100 seedlings for each of the 33 participants from the Takan community at ulu Anap.

IRCM Implementation Framework

IRCM Implementation Framework

ASDU IRCM Implementation Plan

ASDU IRCM Implementation Plan
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